Policies and Procedures

Multiple Class / Same Family Discount
  • 1st child/class:  Full price
  • 2nd child+: 20% off
  • Same child, additional classes: 50%
Make-Up Policy

In case of a pre-scheduled absence, a make-up class can be scheduled through the following August. No make-up will be offered after an absence has occurred. Please pre-schedule absences as early as possible so staffing adjustments can be made.

Planet Closings

Each day of the week is closed four times each year with no make-up class offered.  Our tuition is based on 12 four-week months, or 48 classes/year.  If we have an additional, unscheduled closing for weather or any other reason, you may schedule a make-up class through the end of August.

Tuition and Session Registration

Don't lose your spot! We can't hold it for you.  Registration and tuition are due BEFORE the first day of the month. Class placement cannot be guaranteed for anyone who has not registered and paid before a session begins. A $5.00 late fee will be assessed on the 1st day of the month.

Annual Registration

EVERYONE is required to re-register annually by September 1. By filling out a new student information form, we make sure we have current emergency contacts and medical information.  The registration fee is due once per year at the same time.

Drop Policy

If at any time you should decide to discontinue a class, please notify us in writing or through the Parent Portal by the 20'th of the previous month so we may make your place available. Both a note provided to the front desk or an email are acceptable. Anyone who does not notify us in writing or through the Parent Portal upon discontinuing a class will be responsible for any balance accrued.