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Birthday Parties at Planet Gymnastics

We've got a World of Fun waiting for you! Whether it's your birthday, scout group, youth group, or field trip - get ready for an awesome, hilarious, hyper-active string of Kodak moments. From giant obstacle courses and pit-crawls, to stormy boat-rides and parachute fun, these kids are going to sleep well that night!

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Planet Gymnastics

At PLANET GYMNASTICS, we're not building athletes, we're building people.

We believe that what your child learns at Planet Gymnastics will be more important than what he learns at college. She will continue to learn throughout school and beyond, but it is now, during her formative years that she will develop her attitude towards learning and her ability to succeed. Here at Planet Gymnastics, it is our goal to teach your child that learning is fun, and that through goal setting, progressional achievements, and never giving up, he can succeed at whatever he is willing to work to achieve... health, fitness, and physical achievement are just the tools we use to teach these broader lessons.

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