Your Coaches

You'll LOVE your Coach!

Since almost all of our coaches are former gymnasts or cheerleaders, they can do more than just talk the talk!  They've been there. They know.  They're not trying to explain something they've never actually tried themselves! On top of that, every one of our head coaches has been with us for years. They love their jobs, they love the kids! They're a fun-loving, caring, positive group who are highly successful at what they do ... and they're safety certified and well trained into the bargain. Our staff are the only ones in the tri-county area who can coach up to the elite level. You can trust every one of them to have your child's best interest at heart.

And the biggest kid of all - Coach Scott has done it all!  He's been a gymnast, a trampoline & tumbler, a member of the National USTA trampoline team, a men's judge, a professional diver on the USA High Diving team cliff diving in Acapulco, Hawaii, and Germany, a coach of just about every form of gymnastics ever tried, a rock climber and rock climbing instructor, a martial artist, and a martial arts instructor, a Coaches Spotting and Curriculum Development Clinician, a wrestler, he scholarshipped for college track and field, a scuba diver, kiteboarder ...  well, you get the idea.