PLANET SuperStars Program

We all need to remind ourselves of how far we've come once in a while.  Success is a reward
in itself, but it certainly helps to have that pat-on-the-back and "way to go!" now and then
to keep us motivated and give us some bragging rights.  

So here at Planet, we have a system to help kids keep track of just how awesome they really
are!  Each class has a Skills Card listing the gymnastics goals they're working for.  Now, we
know that a lot of non-gymnastics, personal goals have to be reached for athletes to learn
their skills, but a skill list is an easy, across-the-board way for us to reward success.  
Coaches keep a frequently updated Skill Card for each athlete in a box, which parents can
check at any time.  Athletes will also receive a poster to update at home to stay focused on
their goals.

And the rewards?  When an athlete "gets" all his skills, she'll be awarded a SuperStars
Certificate and a ribbon.  Also, the last class of every session will be a
Watch the Stars
event, where athletes get to strut their stuff for coaches, proud parents, and fans.
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"Some people dream of success.